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With rising energy costs, more people are looking into and implementing various practices around the home to be more energy efficient and save money. A typical electric hot water system in the home can account for on average about 25% of the average energy bill. As such, by optimising your use of your hot water system there is considerable incentive and opportunity to save. Here are a few handy tips from our local experts at Avondale Plumber that can help you to start saving today.

– Showering uses more hot water than any other activity in the average home, and so by being smart about your shower usage there is a potential to save significantly. You can take shorter showers, or if you don’t want to do that, install a water efficienct showerhead, or even both!

– Be conscious of the amount of water that you use in a day, and use your discretion to idetify ways of conserving hot water, for example by taking shorter showers, or putting fewer loads through the dishwasher

– If you discover a leak in your tap, shower, hot water system etc, do something about it; leaks are conting you more the longer they are left alone.

– Service your hot water system regularly in accordance with the directions of the manufacturer

Our experienced staff can handle all of your hot water needs in Avondale, and have been working with the local community for over ten years. So for any hot water service in Avondale, including installation, maintenance and repair, give us a call today at Avondale Plumber on 03 9999 3317.

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