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Tips to prevent your blocked drains in Avondale

In the course of everyday life, blocked drains are a frequent occurence and can cause major inconvenience if they get to the point where the blockage cannot be cleared by conventional methods, or when the blockage is in an inconvenient place that is difficult to access. For situations  like this, at Avondale Plumber, we are certainly equipped to handle any blocked drains in Avondale. To prevent it coming to that however, there are a few simple measures in place that can help you to reduce the chance of you having to deal with a truly problematic blocked drain:

– Every couple of days run a mixture of detergent and boiling water down your sinks and drains to help to dissolve and break down debris that may have accumulated.

– In the event of a stubborn blockage, such as the type that you may find in the kitchen sink or garbage disposal in particular, consider using a drain cleaner. If you do so, be aware that you require certain drain cleaners for certain pipes, the wrong combination can result in corrosion of your pipes.

– Use drain screens in drains,in particular in the kitchen sink, to minimise the amount of solid matter that you wash down the drain.

– Use discretion and common sense: don’t just wash anything down the drain where avoidable. Things like plastic and paper which can cause blockages, or chemicals which can clog or rot your pipes.

For all of your blocked drain needs, or for advice from an expert, call us today at Avondale Plumber on 03 9999 3317.

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